About Us

Silicon Products Associates

Silicon Products Pvt Associates is a Silicon manufacturer & a prominent producer of Diatomite Supercell and Activated Carbon. Diatomite Supercell from diatomite is a substitute for imported Hyflo Supercell/Celite. We began 28 years ago and now have more than 300 pleased clients, the majority of whom are international corporations. Our diversified variety of Diatomite supercell is the product of tailor-made characteristics based on the needs of multinational corporations.

  • We are Committed to one simple mission:

    To be the preferred supplier to our customers of Activated Carbon with technical support and customer service that are second to none.

The Quality Company

We are devoted to a total quality strategy, beginning with the initial phone contact and ending with ensuring that the delivered product meets and exceeds the specified requirements. Silicon Products P Associates is a recognized firm that meets stringent worldwide requirements and has local accreditations in manufacturing, distribution, and administration. Our stringent quality assurance methods ensure that you always receive a high-quality product with industry-leading packaging and outstanding customer service.

The Sustainable Company

The utilization of the Earth's natural resources is a major factor in the design of all Silicon Products P Associates production plants. The manufacture of activated carbon has environmental impacts that can be minimized by careful process management, the use of sustainable raw materials, and the re-use of by-products. Each of our plants employs cutting-edge, energy-efficient processing technology. Every opportunity is explored to re-use the heat generated and the water consumed. Any excess energy is returned to the local networks.

Company Responsibility

Silicon Products P Associates is well aware of the obligations that a major business has in terms of the well-being and rights of its employees and stakeholders alike. Furthermore, the location of many of the company's production plants in developing countries creates an additional burden on us to guarantee that the social effect of our activities is beneficial and not detrimental to the communities in which we operate.